NGS supporters shud move next to NGS

christina church and religou gruop responding to climate change. remember standing edge of Grand Canyon at 12 yrs. Anxious share Grand Canyon and awed by silence of Grand Canyon of 6 million. Gushed about canyon colors, carved by wind and water and Crator with artistic flair. Doubting sons said yeah right, we’ll beleive it when we see it. after worship trekked to canyon and arrived night. But when sun rose, colors muddly and grey. Closest thing to burning bush was NGS smog. One son got asthma attack.
Know homely tale, and poisonous haze nothing ot Philliines but way to stop climate change is everyone say No, not on my watch and one of solutions is Clean Air Act.
grateful for EPA reduce pollution.
Long for day kids see grandeur of Grand Canyon.

adding pollution controls shud not be longer than age of NGS. Decommision NGS with zero emmisson power plant and keep same area with high tech jobs for tribes. we have opportunity to consider if tribes agree on solar farms, like in southern Az. Abandone ancient tech of digging, burn, pollute.
when we are we going to understand madness of burn, pollute, buy, burn, pollute.
wat is it that lock pple’s mind into this way of thinking.
Supporters shud move next to NGS and tell us how Nvajo and Hopi pple health is.
Terrorism is continuing coal fired power plant.
some threaten ec disaster but like saying that shoveled horse manure wud

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