NGS and CAP built for Az

Representaive for CAP 6 water districts:
those six districts in 2012 took 775,000 acre feet and 775,000 surface water cut off ground water for futre. We are stake holders in NGS. We consume power. NGS and CAP built for economic engine for Az and protect aquifers.
EPA does not uphold rights of irrigation districts under federal laws.
Congress granted affordable water if gave up contracts…
Az Agriculture users zeroing out use of CAP and so cost increasing while achieving no benfits and violates Az Agriculture stakeholders.
We are happy to work thru any channels. Want to move on with lives and tired of drama brot out by this.

Discussoin shud have come decades ago and didn’t cuz lousy legislature on these issues. had pple head utilities not prepare in industry and to SRP, Tucson Electric.
NOt new about NGS. in 1990s we opposed Mohave Generating Station. shut down and harming helath of northwestern Az but country side. Forests affected so badly that forest desemated.
Glad for Navajo ple to speak up for selves and health problems which are not new and similar to NW Az pple.
Polluiton of Grand Canyhon affected by gross and poisonous smog covering Grand Canyon from MGS. Haze talking about in Grnad Canhon and other parks in Az is Utha, Colo. NM are real.
and NGS is a great part pf that and shud be stopped.
I prefer number one proposed by EPA be adopted.
we must get rid of coal polluting plant. CAP opposed but 2006 and 2007 whle Palo Verde discussion, they talked about solar plant

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