Navajo supreme court has jurisdiction over issuing Writ

The Navajo Supreme Court has reconvened. Chief Justice Yazzie says that the court wishes to let all of you know, and hopefully the navajo people will know, that this selection of leadership is very important. we made an earlier decision on that importance. and this decision is from that earlier decision. the OHA decision is very important because we operate under rule of law which ensures an orderly society and gives importance to laws that are presumed valid especially when they have not been challenged.

there’s questions in the public whether that law should be changed or not and that is another process. so we are being very careful and one thing that we want to note is that this court has expedited this process because of the importance of the election. and it’s also expressed in appealate rules that elections shall be expedited. we are constrained and limited by time constraints. so we verbally announce decision regarding jurisdiction.

the court has jurisdiction to hear Writ of Mandamus. an opinion will be written to further explain that decision but for now, our courts are not closed to writs to compel officers charged with elections and ministerial duties.

we disagree with arguments that this separate case. we also disagree tht there has to be separate case to enforce separate law and we will explain decison. there is ministerial act involved and the question is whether to enforce or not.

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