Navajo Nation President Shelly: Decentralization and Feral Horses

Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans,
Last week, the Navajo Nation Council’s Budget and Finance Committee was scheduled to hear from President Ben Shelly on the Decentralization Initiative and the Feral Horse Roundup. But according to today’s B&F proposed agenda, Shelly will be making his two reports today, April Fool’s Day.

The B&F, which is chaired by Navajo Council Delegate LoRenzo Bates, is meeting at 10 a.m. in the B&F Conference Room in Window Rock, Ariz.

Today’s B&F AGENDA is loaded with Reports. There are eight reports scheduled. There are six pieces of legislation.

Among the Reports is one from Navajo Water Department Construction and Operating Branch Manager Najam Tariq that concerns the “financial status of the Emergency Drought Response” and “whether additional funds are needed to complete repairs.” I’m not sure what the repairs are because the B&F agenda has no explanation of what the repairs are.

And Navajo Nation Department of Veterans Affairs Director David Nez will be reporting on the “status” of the 2 percent setaside for construction of 15 veterans’ homes. The 2 percent setaside is the amount of revenues that is taken from the annual projected tribal revenues during the annual tribal government budget process and allocated to the Navajo Nation Veterans Trust Fund.

Hopefully, the B&F will finally get to a report on “producing renewable green energy” from John Ki Li Kim, the chief executive officer for K-Technology USA, Inc.

There’s also a “status report” from Navajo Nation Office of the Controller Mark Grant on a reimbursement from Navajo Housing Authority to the tribe. This reimbursement issue has been going on for a long time.

The other reports going before the B&F deal with changes to the Budget Instruction and Policy Manuel from Grant and the tribal Office of Management and Budget Director Dominic Beyal.

The proposed legislation on the B&F agenda also focus on the Budget Instruction and Policy Manuel, along with corrective action plans for audit of the Navajo Department of Transportation and Navajo Workforce Development, an AGREEMENT between the Navajo Division of Economic Development Tourism Department, Navajo Division of Natural Resources Park and Recreation Department and the Canyon de Chelly National Monument, and changes to the Navajo Road Fund Management Plan and the Navajo Labor Relations Fund Management Plan.

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