Navajo Hopi Land Commission meeting moved to Navajo Council chambers

People have started marching to the Navajo Nation Council chambers here in Window Rock, Ariz. It is now 9:43 a.m.

The march is to protest the impoundment of livestock belonging to Navajo families living on the Hopi Partition lands by the Hopi governments, the U.S Department of the Interior, and U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs. Some adult children of the Navajo families were arrested when they tried to stop the impoundment.

The Navajo Council’s Navajo Hopi Land Commission has called a meeting today, Oct. 30, to address this highly critical issue. The NHLC meeting is scheduled to begin in the Council chambers at 10 a.m.

It was scheduled to be held at the Council’s Budget and Finance Committee conference room but is was moved to the Council chambers.

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