Navajo Election Board returning at 1 p.m.

Navajo Board of Election Supervisors Chairperson Wallace Charley just announced, “Just for your information everybody, we are waiting for Attorney General (Harrison Tsosie). I understand that the President (Ben Shelly) is also going to be here.” It is now 9:42 a.m.

At last week’s special Board meeting, the Board directed Attorney General Harrison Tsosie to provide them with legal options regarding the Navajo Nation Council’s emergency legislation 0289-14, RELATING TO AN EMERGENCY; TO ADDRESS A MATTER WHICH DIRECTLY THREATENS THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE NAVAJO NATION; AMENDING LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS OF THE NAVAJO NATION ELECTION CODE.

Also at last week’s special Board meeting, Chief Legislative Counsel Levon Henry informed the Board that a lawsuit had been filed by Navajo citizens to halt the Election Office from printing new ballots without the name of disqualified presidential candidate Chris Deschene. But the Navajo Nation Window Rock, Ariz., District Court reported that no lawsuit had been filed. Judicial Branch Public Information Officer Karen Francis also reported that no lawsuit had been filed. This morning, former First Lady Roz Zah and I asked Henry why he reported to the Board that a lawsuit had been filed. Henry said that he had to because the citizens had written a letter to the Board about their lawsuit. I asked for copy and he said that he’d try to get me a copy. I reminded him that he brought up the lawsuit during a public government meeting and so it was a public document.

“President sitting down with some young attorneys,” Charley just announced. “And attorney general is still writing his opinion.” It is now 9:52 a.m. The Board has decided to return at 1 p.m.

According to President Shelly’s office, the president has not signed 0289-14, which is now titled CD-47-14 because it was approved by the Council with a vote of 11 in favor, 10 opposed on Oct. 24, 2014, at 12:17 a.m. The presidential staff noted that Navajo laws the president ten days to sign legislation approved by the Council.

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