Navajo Council’s Resources & Development Committee has started

Here at RDC meeting at the Navajo Council chambers in Window Rock, Ariz., where RDC Vice Chairperson Roscoe Smith convened the meeting at 11:50 a.m.

The RDC is debating its AGENDAAGENDA before voting to adopt it. The RDC adopted its agenda 3 in favor, 0 opposed.

But before discussion started on RDC agenda, Delegate David Tom announced that there will be a Fish & Wildlife Summit at Twin Arrows Casino on Aug. 5 and 6, 2014.

RDC member Delegate George Apachito is asking to add legislation regarding Antelope Point and the National Park Service.

The RDC is now on its agenda and the first item is Report from Navajo Housing Authority, which is being presented by NHA Chief Executive Officer Aneva Yazzie.

The second item on the RDC agenda is LEGISLATION 0104-14: An action relating to Resources and Development; Rescinding RDCD-69-13 Relating to Resources and Development; Acknowledging the Right-of-Way and Surface use by Uranium Resources, INC., of its Churchrock Properties licensed by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory
Commission License No. SUA-1580; authorizing a Subcommittee
Sponsor: Hon. George Apachito, Council Delegate

The following is a brief legislative history of 01014-14:
4-29-14: Main Motion held by Hon. David L. Tom/Hon. Katherine Benally; Tabling Motion by Hon.
Leonard Tsosie/Hon. Leonard H. Pete by a vote of 3-2-0: Tabled for 2 weeks pending outcome of
Subcommittee meeting
5-13-14: RDC concurred Delegate Tsosie’s request to bring legislation back to RDC on May 27, 2014 .
Purpose: to allow time for URI to develop a report
5-27-14: RDC deleted the legislation off the agenda with instructions to put back on RDC agenda in 3-6
6-9-14: Delegate Apachito, Sponsor, requested the legislation be placed back on the RDC agenda; item
deleted off the agenda per Sponsor’s request
7-2-14: Delegate Apachito, Sponsor, requested the legislation be place back on the RDC agenda

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