Navajo Council Resouces committee closed door meeting Monday

Navajo Council RESOURCES AND DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE has scheduled a SPECIAL MEETING Monday, April 16, 2018, at 8 a.m in the Council’s Budget and Finance Conference Room, which is north of the Navajo Nation Council chambers in  Window Rock, Arizona.

The only action item on the Resources & Development Committee meeting is an Update Report from Arizona Sen. Albert Hale. According to the committee’s proposed agenda, the committee could go behind closed doors with Hale, who has been representing the proposed Grand Canyon Escalade Project.


1. Call Meeting to Order; Roll Call; Invocation; Announcements:
2. Recognizing Guests and Visiting Officials
3. Reviewing and Approving the Agenda:
4. Reviewing and Approving the Journal(s):

5. Receiving Reports:

a. Update Report – Presenter: Senator Albert Hale
(Report may require an EXECUTIVE SESSION)

6. Old Business: NONE
7. New Business: NONE
8. Conclusion of Committee Meeting; Other Announcements; Adjournment

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