Navajo Council Naabik’iyati debating bill to keep NGS operating past 2019

Navajo Council Otto Tso said NGS and Peabody Kayenta Mine generated $60M for Navajo government revenues. If lose NGS and mine it will have a huge financial impact on tribal government. There’s an amendment I was asked to sponosor.

Amendment to Whereas Section: UMWA and IBEW asked to join coalition to keep NGS and Kayenta Mine open.


COUNCIL DELEGATE KEE ALLEN BEGAY comments on Amendment One. He says legislation talks about support by two Unions. But amendment is to say yes to coalition. I have no problem with two unions joining coalition but I have no information about coalition. And why is Council supporting two group and then two groups turn around and ask for support to join coalition. May be on good terms with coalition but I’d like to see material on coalition because sometimes coalition is actually one person.

COUNCIL DELEGATE DWIGHT WITHERSPOON says there are three individuals supporting 0006-17 but comment by Percy Deal should be opposing 0006-17. Asking if UMWA and IBEW if have resolutions of support for keeping NGS and Kayenta Mine open past 2019. Another concern is you are asking Navajo Nation to support collaboration with these two entries but seems like general support for NGS to continue but what does that mean. you have no details. for example if i had a particular business that hired 2,000 people and my business was no longer economical…this so wide open in support, no specifics. Peabody may have opinion that Navajo Nation willing to do anything to keep NGS open. They are flat out in for rude awakening; that is not true. Economics has to continue for it to work. and for economics have to look at UWMA and workers willing to take 15 percent cut in salaries. legislatin doesn say Peabody willing cut expenses, or Navajo nation reduce coal royalities and basically give away coal. this bill has not teeth. my concern is water. if NGS continue then use to get water rights, that 40,000 acre feet. if not then not in support. we have to go after water cuz more valuable. contern with NGS itself. NGS paid $160,000 for acres of land after 25 years. in 2011, they jumped half of what paid state in taxes about $4M. for the same use of more than thousand acres, SRP were pay NN $9M a year. that is what they agreed to pay $160,000 and 2011 about $4M. so these amounts are about exploitation of NN. if keep operating past 2019, have to benefit NN. this open blanket support and i can’t support. needs to benefit nation. if unions willnlg to operate then are they willing to cut salaries? what is Peabody going to do. if Peabody expecting unions and nation to give everything for free and they continue make money that is not in best interest of nation.

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