Navajo Council Delegate Tsosie says voters threat not to vote will make next president “illegitimate.”

The Navajo Council’s Naabik’iyati Committee continues to debate Report on 2014 Elections from Navajo Election Office Director Edison Wauneka.

memo about not having president in place by Jan. 13 Inauguration and Council to select Speaker, who selects committees, staff and whether Speaker serves as Interim President for undetermined amount of time. Can staff be hired for two weeks, two months and let go? There is concern for Navajo Nation to be represented well. And both candidates have asked wauneka to have special election so have administration in place. the delay does disservice to nation, both on 23rd Council and representation from Executive Branch.

and hearing Delegate Leonard Tsosie say let’s have delay and have another election. My concern is reality, does Speaker as Interim President hire interim executive office staff, does Speaker/Interim President run both Legislative Branch and Executive Branch.

And Tsosie also asking to re-instate Election Board which seems to be taking fight from one branch to another.

But we do need stability.

concern about staff is very little. about 15 staff are political appointees so about 98 percent of staff will remain. those that are politically appointed are about 10 percent. so life will go on, no matter who is president. i understand concern for special election to happen ASAP. but what about voters who are saying they will not vote. I don’t know consequences of having president not respected and being told, you are in there because of court and i will not obey you. so right thing to do is let people vote again.

i will not vote for funding for special election of illegitimate president. And someone told me that new F-word is fluency. We need to come together. the best way to resolve this is have Navajo people vote again.

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