Navajo Council Delegate Leonard Tsosie says President Shelly afraid of Navajo Supreme Court.

The Naabik’iyati committee is now on Navajo Council Delegate Leonard Tsosie’s legislation to over-ride President Shelly’s veto of CO-47-14CO-47-14,

this was long discussion, past midnight. vote occured and it was passed and became CO-47-14 and submitted to President Shelly, who vetoed it.
as you all recall, CO-47-14, was to allow voters to determine fluency of candidates and included other elected officials. it was presented by Delegate Danny Simpson and I voted for it. this now needs two-thirds vote of Council.
and what has since happened then is Dr. Stago, educated individual, analyzed Supreme Court decision and found that it may have not been correct.
Like Delegate Jonathan Nez said this is about healing. and one of saying healing is that it’s all water under the bridge, make amends or ask pple what concerned about and how make whole and that is what over-ride legislation is about. with due respect to President Shelly, he had said that he would sign but then he vetoed it and so there was deception by president. when we do that then we should not reject or enact by deception. it is wrong by doing so and the council can make whole what we tried to do.
and i looked at president’s letter and he appears to be afraid of supreme court instead of signing and making law.
and the question then becomes on how it would be used and i believe that since this legislation is new then we would nullify retroactive effect but supreme court beat us. some think we could do this and i think we cud do that by asking for a special election on the candidate of their choice and that is how to bring healing back. but i’ve always asked people to remain calm. there is split in community and important that we act on it.
i’ve also heard to put into referendum and this is like a referendum by giving the people the choice to choose their leader.

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