Navajo Council convenes last session

Navajo Council Speaker Pro Tem LoRenzo Bates convenes Council at 12:57 p.m. Bates announces to Council and people in the Council chambers gallery that Gallup, N.M., Mayor Jackie McKinney and NM State Sen. Munoz.

Council is now making announcements.

this will be the last session for this council. all legislatin not considered by any standing committee will die tomorrow. and any legislation on council agenda that is not acted on today also goes away. i just wanted to recognize that. as always some exciting things happening today so ask people in chambers to be respectful.

we passed legislation last week which is on President Ben Shelly’s desk and i am asking for his approval. thank council for passing $5 million for shopping center, which Delegate Jonathan Nez sponsored.

we also have on agenda, Renewal Task Force, which is here to talk about Red Barn liquor license. WE have been working on remodeling health clinic at Nahatahdziil, Ariz., and we have been working with Fort Defiance Health Corporation for several years on geting all agreements in place and finally got construction going. The renovated health center will open mid-January 2015 and that will bring in more employees. There will be dental services and other health services provided.

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