Navajo Council confused…

Navajo Council debating confirmation of former Navajo Area Bureau of Indian Affairs Director Omar Bradley to Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise which is LEGISLATION 0024-14

DELEGATE LEONARD TSOSIE wants to amend confirmation legislation by adding the name of Martha King which would allow Council to also confirm Martha King to Gaming Board at the same time that the Council confirms Bradley.
pAGE ONE, line 23, add new paragraphs: Council confirms Bradley as at large member.
Paragraph 3: Navajo Nation amends council legislation confirming Martha King by reconfirming as attorney representative.

DELEGATE NELSON BEGAYE says Council just doing at large position on Navajo Gambling Board.

DELEGATE RUSSELL BEGAYE says legislation out of order because there is already someone occupying At Large Position on Gambling Board.

DELEGATE TSOSIE says that’s why the Council must confirm both Bradley and King at same “to get out of legal jam.”

NOTE: King currently occupies the At Large Position but since Bradley does not qualify for the Juris Doctorate Position, Prez Shelly decided to move King out of At Large Position and put her in Juris Doctorate Position on Gambling Board so At Large Position would open up for Bradley to occupy. And this all came from the Navajo Department of Justice…

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