Navajo Council: Changing Votes

Navajo Council Delegate Edmund Yazzie who is sponsoring legislation for the confirmation of Omar Bradley to Gaming Board.

Vote on Tabling motion

Delegate Tsosie opposes Tabling and then he starts citing law regarding composition of Gaming Enterprise.

Council listens to Tsosie and then votes on Tabling motion by Delegate Alton Shepherd.
VOTE AT 3:24 PM IS 10 in favor, 8 opposed with directive that vacancy has to be announced before appointment made.
Delegate Lorenzo Curley suddenly shouts out that he wants to change his vote to Red/No because he didn’t understand what the Council was voting on.

Delegate Edmund Yazzie says he wants Speaker Naize to have his legal staff write memo specifically stating what appointment process is.

And then Delegate Charles Damon says he wants to change his vote to Red/No.

Delegate Alton Shepherd
The only way, according to Council Rules, for Delegate to change vote is if there is electronic failure. The vote should stand.

Speaker Naize says that he has the power to accept vote changes by Delegates. And then he says that Council should vote again. Delegate Shepherd opposes Speaker’s decision and reminds Speaker that this is what happened before. NOTE – DURING VOTE ON LEGISLATION TO APPOINT NEW SPEAKER

Before vote taken, Speaker announce vote taken, delegates no more than two minutes vote, vote electronically, after votes cast no more vote unless electronic malfunction which must be done before Speaker accepts motion.

Challenge Speaker decision based on Delegate Katherine Benally’s action to change her vote with memo which was never challenged.

You made decision that Vote stands based on Council rules.

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