Navajo Attorney General says Supreme Court “seems” to be saying that if candidate lying then challenge

Here at the Navajo Nation Council where lawmakers heatly debating Legislation 0298-14 “An Action Relating To An Emergency; To Address A Matter Which Directly Threatens The Sovereignty Of The Navajo Nation; Amending Language Requirements Of The Navajo Nation”

Based on opinion of supreme court, what they said is whoever challenges, under 11 NNC 24, is challenge back when certified. but supreme court seems to say that if someone alleging that lying then under 11 NNC 341 bring challenge when incident occurred or election.

I asked the question because of what Chinle Agency asked which was to change language for just president and vice president. and i thought this emergency was for president and vice president and now changing Title 11, Election Code. If stayed with just president and vice president then we would be home. i was asked to recommend the same qualifications for Council delegates. but we’re beginning to go beyond emergency. and Mr. Tsosie said he’d withdraw if he received more time and so I’ll give him more time.

the reason i did what i did was legislation addresses all offices. you think you are protected but you’re not. you run into why is there higher standard for farm board and not council delegate. i thought compromise was “or” and if did that then accused of getting rid of navajo language fluency. but this is just speaking navajo language and allow voters to decide. so fault mine in not explaining properly and i’ll withdraw.

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