Naabik’iyati now on Legislation opposing use of Red Skins

Naabik’iyati Committee is now on Legislation 0078-14: opposing the use of disparging references to native people in professional sports franchises.

since Navajo Code Talkers mentioned in Legislation 0078-4, NCT President Peter MacDonald Sr. has asked to speak.

this legislation establishes official position of Navajo Nation to oppose disparaging references to native people. this is not new. this has occured since 1960s but Navajo Nation has not made a postion and it appears that there is no interest. Navajo Nation does not join any band. I joined and educated myself and what i learned was disheartening.
native people have been mocked, disenfranchised and wat is happening in federal policies.
Navajo Nation is not to be taken lightly and reckoned with. the navajo nation is not to be mocked.
repeat comments of Delegate Tsosie, “The Navajo Nation bows to no one.”
use of Red Skins is blatant discrimination and exploits sovereignty. turning blind eye of exploitation of culture, the mockery of culture is violation of human rights.
Code talkers mentioned in legislation. I believe our own Code Talkers were unfortunately used as pawn to defend these insulting names.
Red Skin Team Owner has lobbied Indian Country and met with several tribes. Last year he flew Code Talkers under guise of honoring them. I made clear to Council that we shud not stand by and watch. Feb. 28, code talkers met with Dan Syder and it gives appearance that Navajo nation condunes and supports use of Red Skins.
Dan Syder is using beloved heroes to keep disparaging name of Red Skins and divide Indian Country.
these recent awards fly in face of national honor given to all code talkers of all tribes.
as a council delegate i’m often assigned to advocacy at federal level and at time i have found it difficult. the Oneida Tribe is fighting the use of disparaging images of native people. And I asked them for help and they asked why Navajo not providing support in opposing this issue.
Navajo Nation can no longer stand by. We must distance ourselves from Syder’s using our code Talkers.
Red Skins was the term used for bounty of body parts of native. the original owner supported discrimination against Black people.
Navajo Nation fights suicide, alcohol and drug abuse and there is research that these disparaging names negatively impact our youth, it makes them ashamed of themselves which ties into substance abuse and domestic violence.
And the use of disparaging names actually raise self esteem of non-natives.
so it is up to us to protect our navajo youth from this racist practice.
The American Psychological Association, Civil Rights Commission, several tribes and other professional groups recognize the negative impact of disparaging names.

with wat is being asked of us today and there are only a few delegates here. I think more fitting if more participation and that this also goes to council.

we will deal with that matter later. we need to continue with presentation.

Human Rights Commission supports Delegate Butler’s legislation. The United Nations Human Rights of Indigenous People is about protecting Navajo people from being placed in position of having human rights violated.

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