Naabik’iyati Committee is SLOWLY moving towards Speaker Naize removal legislation

Naabik’iyati Committee continues to debate funding priorities for Navajo Reservation from State of Arizona which now involves a plea from Delegate Kenneth Maryboy to include the Utah portion of the Navajo Reservation. The Naabi Committee FINALLY voted on Arizona state funding priorities for 2015 for Navajo Reservation. Not sure what vote was but it passed. I’ll check vote after Committee adjourns.

The next agenda for the Naabi Committee is Legislation 0376-13Legislation 0376-13, which is the Committee and Council’s support for the proposed Navajo Nation Gaming Compact. Legislation 0376-13 is also sponsored by Speaker Naize.

After the Gaming Compact legislation is Legislation 0378-13, which is the approval of the Navajo Nation Master Agency Plan for Title Iv-E of the Society Security Act. AND then the Naabi Committee will finally get to Legislation 0003-14, which is the Council removal of Speaker Naize.

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