Move to approve all legislation headed to Navajo Council

Here at Naabik’iyati Committee where Committee just voted to accept Water Purification machine from Coca Cola for Leupp community where water contaminated with arsenic and uranium. Naabi now on legislation 0340-13, which is for the Council to over-ride President Shelly’s veto of the Council’s legislation regarding Council approval of a new housing entity to receive federal housing dollars.


I’d like to recommend that Naabi just approve all the proposed legislation that needs to go to Council where these legislation can be debated. And I’m also concerned that the legislation that does not get acted on today by Naabi will not go to Council. And so you, Mr. Speaker, suggests a suspension of floor rules, I make that motion to suspend floor rules and Naabi vote to B, C, D, E, so F, H, 0001-14, 0014-14, 0015-14, and others.

F is Legislation 0003-14 which is legislation for Council to remove Delegate Johnny Naize as Speaker. Naize would remain as a council delegate.
H is legislation for Council to appoint new Speaker.

Are we defeating purpose of Naabi? We created Naabi to discuss indepth these issues so can vote at Council. So I have problem with how we are doing this. If we cud all get here on time, we wouldn’t have these problems.

I agree with Delegate Begaye. We are to take care of legislation for Council here with amendments or legal advice. And we need to refrain from saying “chapter house” style. That is local government and it is up to them on how they conduct their government business. I don’t know why we are against asking questions. If we don’t know then we shud question. It is called accountability. With due respect, when we are impatient, I begin to wonder why we want to run for Council. We are here to “roll it around” and produce best legislation for people.

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