Meeting of Dine’ Minds

Here at Navajo Nation Museum where “Meeting of Dine’ Minds is presenting People’s Public Forum for Restoring Communication and Understanding Within Our Nation.

I’m really happy that several Navajo Nation Council delegates showed up to answer questions from people attending this forum.

The delegates that were on this morning’s panel were Delegates Leonard Tsosie, Russell Begaye, Lorenzo Curley, former Interim President Milton Bluehouse, and Becenti Chapter Vice President Jonathan Perry. This afternoon’s panel are Delegates Jonathan Nez, LoRenzo Bates, Leonard Tsosie, Lorenzo Curley, Russell Begaye and Becenti Chapter Vice President Jonathan Perry.

Most of the questions concern the Council’s approval of the purchase of BHP coal mine, government transparecny, protection of environment/sacred sites versus exploitation of natural resources, the proposed development of the Confluence, Council support of local community economic development plans; what makes Council qualified to make business decisions; isn’t approval of in-situ urnaium mining a violation of uranium ban and transportation of uranium over reservation; is Navajo Department of Justice attorney Stanley Pollack working for Navajo people or corporations and Arizona; why weren’t public hearings held on Energy Policy; does Council have right to waive the people’s sovereign immunity; why hasn’t Council removed Speaker Naize as speaker because of criminal charges.

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