Loophole for sanctioned directors?


AUDITOR GENERAL OFFICE audit and review of corrective action plan and recommended sanctions for Business Industrial Development Fund. But former Division of Economic Development Deschinnie said she put moratorium on BIDF and BIDG director Nopah left. And there is note that BIDF will be dissolved and director position will be dissolved. And this legislation is for Nopah to get his sanctioned salary returned. And there has been no activity in BIDF for two years. Curernt DED Director McCabe said he would bring in consultant to continue BIDF but that is not in line with this legislation. And if no BIDF then no follow up on BIDF.

RDD CHAIRMAN ALTON SHEPHERD regarding moratorium, there was report that millions in BIDF for loans. So stuck in mud cuz of moratorium. So what can we do?

LEGISLATIVE ATTORNEY concern of RDC be put in legislation so Budget and Finance is aware and perhaps recommendation for review of moratorium and consequences of moratorium.

RDC MEMBER JONATHAN PERRY this bill is sponsored by RDC member Davis Filfred recommended that since there is moratorium and no follow up review by auditor general office and former BIDF program director Nopah left then release sanctioned salary.

AUDITOR GENERAL OFFICE personnel reported there is no BIDF position at economic development

RDC VICE CHAIRMAN BEN BENNETT there was condition of appropriation placed on economic development cuz no updated plan of operation

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ANTHONY PERRY still working on plan of operatoin

RDC CHAIRMAN SHEPHERD are we creating loop hold if we approve this legislation? why are we reaffirming 2010 bill and removing sanction cuz release person. Ran into same issue and let director get sanctioned salary for ten years and no corrections to audit findings. So seems like trying to get at director money? So are we getting people off the hook and getting away from getting audit issues corrected. I’m not comfortable with this bill. Is this cart before horse even though personnel reclassified BIDF position. And Budget & Finance has been critical of RDC for not doing job.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PERRY with McCabe as CPA he wants to re-establish Business Industrial Development Fund. He advertising for consultant to reassess BIDF.

RDC CHAIRMAN SHEPHERD so what is McCabe’s position on this bill? Is this egg before the chicken or cart before the horse?

EC DEV PERRY as u look at bill, it takes two things – reaffirm and left sanctions for person who has moved on. Up to RDC. But McCabe should respond. And with auditor general need to review BIDF but no activity.

AUDITTOR Helen Brown, principal auditor, understand this bill started before McCabe became DED director and our office tried to meet with him cuz of his scheduling and we have sent emails on our audits of programs in his division. So we have same questions. I think we are getting conflicting information. Bill say dissolving BIDF but McCabe says not dissolving. so dk where this going until meet with McCabe. This bill not started by Auditor General Office. here cuz of sanctions. Maybe bill started former BIDF director who wants his sanctioned salary.

RDC MEMBER JONATHAN PERRY this gives me opportunity to speak up for my legislation to table bill. And i also have concerns now so I withdraw my motion.

RDC CHAIRMAN SHEPHERD Bennett holding second. (Bennett withdraws second) Ask for McCabe to come to next meeting next week Tuesday and ask auditor general office to return.


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