HRI/URI to RDC: Stand behind us

HRI/Hrdro-Uranium Resources Inc., Vice President Mark Pelizza presented a report to the Navajo Council Resources and Development Committee on April 15, 2015. Photo by Marley Shebala

HRI/Hrdro-Uranium Resources Inc., Vice President Mark Pelizza presented a report to the Navajo Council Resources and Development Committee on April 15, 2015. Photo by Marley Shebala


(Pelizza has written REPORT for RDC) The RDC’s Subcommitte has told HRI, no uranium processing on Navajo reservation but we have license to construct uranium processing permit near Crownpoint, NM. We have been asked to remove Crownpoint uranium mining cuz most culturally and environmentally impacted site. we have also been asked about the return of land. going to slide 4, shows URI properties that goes across Four Corners. Like to say that this process working well and opportunity for Win-Win. We don’t know how Win-Lose happen. And why need whole Subcommittee process to work through. Navajo Nation becomes oversight of URI activity and URI gets working relationship with Navajo Nation for certainty. And to avoid litigation is win-win.

we believe that there b health standards for all people at 500 former uranium sites across reservation but they need to be achieveable. otherwise if not achieveable then work not get done.

we are working with subcommittee on demonstration project. the scope cud be small project in field to one in laboratory. benefit to navajo nation is allow input in robust safety standards and allow URI to proceed and provide economic that is sustainable.

over the past weeks there have been discussions that RDC meant for URI to go out and bring in drill rigs. that is not true. legislation is for “constructive dicussions.” i ask RDC today that you maintain ur committment to process which will take time.

there is one delegate processing legislation to nullify RDC legislation and stop proces so i ask RDC’s support to allow process to continue.

We are moving along and Navajo EPA needs to do health study but we don’t kow it will be done or how long.

And at meetings, Subcommittee member Delegate Leonard Pete, we have allowed public at table and not working cuz debating with public. So we will have public comment at end. we are falling back on our work. and at next meeting, we will it faster in discussing issues so we can compile info and present back to RDC.

Also, i wrote letter to Navajo Times to explain whole thing based on facts. i talked with delegates and they haven’t read so i will send to all delegates because Delegate Edmund Yazzie sponsoring legislation to override what RDC did. we had hoped to address in different way.

Pelizza correct about talking it out and what to do to address concerns of both parties. but we have group constantly showing up at meetings and “scaring” delegates. I just want to mention that.

Next meeting is April 30 and i encourage all rDC to attend and that will be serious meeting cuz we made requests of HRI and board meeting on serious requests. at that time we expect to hear lot so strongly encourage RDC to be there.

big question is how fund study by Navajo EPA cuz without study can’t set up standards. NEPA was using 1.4 standard and federal government standard is different.

we also told concerned public that we wud include on agenda to do report. and think some of our colleagues think legislation is to “trucks to start rolling” and that is untrue. And if laws need to be changed then that will go to Naabik’iyati. So i don’t know why I am being attacked in Facebook and pictures being defaced. but i blame former council from 60s, 70s, 80s for lack of uranium cleanup. i do agree that we have been having good meetings. I ask RDC to remain steadfast behind legislation otherwise goes to court and Navajo Nation has 20 percent of winning and then we are out of the game. if we lose another court case we are totally out and like said in “news article” we will be sitting on line with protest signs and I don’t wnat that to happen, not in my life time. we look forward to HRI response to “serious requests.”

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