Give something back or get out!

What is going on with FBI? Can you answer that? Should we worry about that because impacts stability of NAPI. Thank you for going to college and going off rez but think you are too western educated.

Navajo pple thot/Navajo thinking is to take care of each other and not profit. Navajo Oil and Gas CEO Robert Joe has western education thinking of profits only and he sees no value of givng back something to Navajo pple and letting them see value of it.

So wonderful to see Navajo Oil and Gas sign and as agent, Council. we are trying to Navajo pple there is return, they are giving something back, so support. But when do away with downstream business and only concentrate on drilling oil and gas, like John Wayne wildcat movies, instead of community convience/gas stores.

Give something back or get out, Tsosie said.

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