Former Navajo Prez Hale says no sacred sites on proposed Escalade Project location

Former Navajo Nation President Albert Hale is reporting on proposed Escalade Project, which is on rim of Confluence of Little Colorado and Colorado Rivers. Project will consist of gondola tram and only talking about 420 acres, where have Discovery Center to tell story of not only Navajo pple, indigenous pple of area but area part of Navajo story and other Indian nations.

there will be hotel and RV park, gas station, restaurant located on project site. in case u are wondering when idea started, it came in 1997 when i was president but no more discussion cuz land under dispute with Hopi Tribe. 2009 Bennett Freeze lifted and appreciate Hope concern but there are no sacred sites in 420 acres, also no Navajo sacred sites. since of lifting Freeze, NDOJ attorney Henry Howe and NDOJ contract attorney Phx law firm Judy Dorkin and DED Al Damon, OPVP Deswood Tome.

last two yrs negotating and finished negotiating three agreements and ready to go into legislative process and come before u real soon. u are familiar with Sky Walk and I attended opening.

We can do better than Sky Walk. people applause.

How do we build their story.
Plez watch the Hawaiian Journey.

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