Eliminating Sales Tax on fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, water, nuts, seeds & nut butter

I’m still here at Navajo Council Health, Education & Human Services Committee. After the HEHS Committee tabled proposed Legislation 0289-13 Elimination of the Sale Tax on Fresh Fruits, Fresh Vegetables, Water, Nuts, Seeds and Nut Butters.

if eliminate tax across the board, how impact certified cahpters which are allowed to develop own tax. Does this mean that certified chapters won’t be allowed to tax fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, water, nuts, seeds and nut butter.

question regards water and legislation says other varieties of water. Delivery of water costs for Navajo Tribal Utilty Authority. Water is transported to chapters and there is water rates that are taxed. So does this apply to water that is essentially already being delivered by chapters. How does it interct with water rate and water branch cuz use artension, mineral springs. Concerned about how impact delivery of water.

If can’t answer question then need water management to answer questions or delete.

significant tribal revenues from water such as Peabody paying $460 acre foot and I’m sponsoring legislation for $7.5 million makeup.

Good question Delegate Witherspoon. We looked at bottled water, water sold in store and artension one of them. But this is question we can look into and how deep tax goes.

In dealing with this legislation, it opens other cans of worms. And if need to edit to address our intent then we will do. Our pple ned to drink more water.

We were looking at what stores sell and not other entities such as Peabody.

sugest that it applies to retail, bottled water essentially. but I wud feel more comfortable to have entities involved. I’m certainly not comfortable with language such as artesion, sterile water, etc. So to address my concrns I wud feel more comfortable for review from water management and put those belts and suspenders on legislation.

Motion to delete item from agenda until done.

if motion seconded, then wat about withdrawing my motion on legislation.

4 in favor, 0 opposed

Recommend that letters be written for the ladies to assit them in working with the Navajo Nation Department of Justice and Tax Office.

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