Elder prefer spam and potatoes

Naabi continues debating LEGISLATION 0289-13.

Five students from Navajo Preparatory School briefly spoke to the Naabi Committee in support of the proposed Healthy Dine’ Nation Act, which wud create a 2 percent tax on certain unhealthy foods. The tax revenues generated by Healthy Dine’ Nation Act wud be distributed among the chapters.

In the $220 million Bond/Loan, there is a list of “C-stores”, convienence stories and so we, as elected officials, need to think about the impact of this Legislation. And unemployment is also a reason for unhealthy lifestyles. Elders prefer potatoes, spam. They don’t want good diet. Vegetables don’t look good to them. We need to work at creating jobs for our people. If we want to make changes then we need to create jobs for decent services.
This is an important discussion and people feel that Council delegates will do everything for them. “That dependency has built up so much that nation can’t move foward anymore. I applaud young ones advocating for better health but there are thots in this discussion.”

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