Deschene’s attorney says complaining parties are “irresponsible” in calling Deschene a liar

here at tribal office of hearings and appeals hearing on two election complaints filed against deschene by presidential candidates dale tsosie and hank whitethorne.

Brian Lewis, attorney for presidential candidate Chris Deschene, says that complaining parties, presidential candidates DAle Tsosie and Hank Whitethorne, needs to complain against election office for qualifying deschene instead of saying that deschene lied. there has to some way of undoing declaration to remove deschene and why election office must be here.

richie nez, hearing officer
should election board also be here

Brian Lewis, Deschene’s attorney
petitioners want Deschene to become a navajo language teacher tomorrow.

richie nez, hearing officer
the test yesterday was devised specifically based on supreme court standards and it was not for deschene to be a teacher.

brian lewis, deschene’s attorney
test already exists and laurene legay from dine college will testify about tests and karletta chief, a former miss navajo, will also testify.
deschene didn’t refuse to take test. it was on advice by me, his attorney, not to take test.

david jordan, attorney for dale tsosie
objection – why are we talking about test. we are talking about lewis’ motion for dismissal. jordan claiming deschene lied. and complaining party claims they are navajo culture experts. we have experts that will testify. to come in and say deschene lied is irresponsible. deschene reviewed all the candidates’ qualifications and determined that he was qualified.

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