Bessie L. Tsosie confirmed to Navajo Government Development Commission

The Naabi Comittee has adjourned but before adjourning and after their vote on the Healthy Dine’ Nation Act, they voted 8 in favor, 5 opposed to suspend their floor rules and go to Item (I), Legislation No. 0329-13: Relating to Naabik’iyati’ and Navajo Nation Council; Confirming the Nomination of Ms. Bessie L. Tsosie to the Commission on Navajo Government Development (NABI)
(Sponsor: Honorable Edmund Yazzie)

With no debate, Naabi voted 6 in favor, 5 opposed on Ms. Bessie L. Tsosie’s confirmation to the Commission on Navajo Government Development.

Immediately after the vote, Naabi adjourned.

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