Naabik’iyati’ Committee called to order

SPEAKER NAIZE announced that Delegate Jonathan Nez lost his brother and that is why he is absent. Nez is also asking for donations to help with funeral costs.

Naize also says that the prayer that was done this morning at the Council Caucus would remain for Naabik’iytati’ Committee and Special Council Session. Naize calls Naabi into session at 11:20 am.

We had extensive discussion at Caucus.


Apologize for mssing Caucus but travel is three hours. During Monday Night football, Navajo Code Talkers honored by RedSkins NFL team during Redskin Game. And it really was public relations stunt. They are failing enterprise. They put Redskin jackets on them. And on CNN news, California students used Navajo term very derogatory. I’m not certain if received apology from Polytechnic. Appreciate Navajo Human Rights Commissioner Jennifer Denetdale for sending letter immediately to them. They used Navajo word by saying “Nava-Ho” which is offensive to our Navajo women especially when the federal law Violence Against Native Women is still very much being talked about. The Navajo Nation is the largest Indian Nation and people/governments across the nation look to ur. We are the largest and strongest nation and we should do everything to defend our name.


Apologize for lateness to Caucus. Sister in serious medical emergency. And so I will try to remain here as long as possible.


Reading proposed agenda


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