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Chris Deschene’s attorney claims third & fourth place presidential candidates will be challenged

The Navajo Supreme Court is now hearing arguments on why the Supreme Court should or should not issue an order to the Navajo Election Board and Office to comply with the Navajo Nation Office of Hearings and Appeals final order which disqualified Chris Deschene as a presidential candidate and the election law mandates that the […]

Arguments for Navajo Supreme Court to issue writ against election board & office

Chief Justice Herb Yazzie There was motion by private citizens to file amicus brief and there was brief submitted. There will be no oral argument from that party and they did not request one. And i forgot to say that there was a Majority decision on jurisdiction. The government thru Navajo Justice Department files as […]

Navajo supreme court has jurisdiction over issuing Writ

The Navajo Supreme Court has reconvened. Chief Justice Yazzie says that the court wishes to let all of you know, and hopefully the navajo people will know, that this selection of leadership is very important. we made an earlier decision on that importance. and this decision is from that earlier decision. the OHA decision is […]

Does Navajo Election Board have responsibility to present valid voting ballot?

CHIEF JUSTICE HERB YAZZIE Has there ever been a rule or a regulation promulgated by the Election Board on this rule to move the next presidential candidate up into second place. JUSTIN JONES, plaintiff for Hank Whitethorne the election board has the authority to enforce, interpret election code and be consistent. what is happening now, […]

Navajo Supreme Court hearing jurisdictional arguments

The Navajo Nation Supreme Court hearing on the Writ of Mandamus has started. Chief Justice Herb Yazzie and Associate Justices Eleanor Shirley and Irene Black introduced themselves in the Navajo language. Chief Justice asked petitioners to introduce themselves: David Jordan for Dale Tsosie. Justin Jones for Hank Whitethorne. Chief Legislative Counsel Levon Henry for Navajo […]

Here at Navajo Nation Supreme Court hearing on Writ to force Navajo Election Board & Office to comply with decision disqualifying Chris Deschene

Here at the Navajo Nation Division of Transportation Naataani Board room, where the Navajo Nation Supreme Court is scheduled to hold a hearing on a WRIT OF MANDAMUS filed by presidential candidates Dale Tsosie and Hank Whitethorne, who are represented by attorneys David Jordan of Gallup, N.M., and Justin Jones of Farmington, N.M. Navajo Nation […]

YouTube – Navajo Nation 10-9-14 hearing on the presidential qualifications of Chris Deschene

Here is the YouTube Video, “Navajo Nation 10-9-14 hearing on the presidential qualifications of Chris Deschene.” On Oct. 9, 2014, the Navajo Nation Office of Hearings and Appeals held a hearing on two election complaints filed after the Aug. 26, 2014, primary election by presidential candidates Dale Tsosie and Hank Whitethorne against presidential candidate Chris […]