Work in Beauty

Work in Beauty graphic by Be Sergant. (Copyright WIB)

Work in Beauty graphic by Be Sergant. (Copyright WIB)

Work in Beauty inspired by the Navajo prayer Walk in Beauty.
Green Jobs for Our Beautiful Environment

Work in Beauty is focused on the most basic element of sustainability – growing food.

At the 2nd Annual Work in Beauty Conversations on Local Agriculture, featuring Brad Lancaster, sixteen local growers, community gardens and businesses submitted demonstration projects and were awarded $100 each.

A book showing all the projects can be seen at, Scroll down on the home page.

In 2015 we hope to concentrate fully on demonstration projects, starting early in the year, inviting growers to present their projects at our Community Meetings.

If you are planning a demonstration project for 2015 let us know. We will be able to assign you a date to talk about it and get support from the community.

Work in Beauty Board Meetings are held on the first Tuesdays
of the month. Community Meetings are on the third Tuesdays.
All meetings are 6 – 8pm at 113 East Logan Avenue in Gallup, NW corner of Logan and Puerco. Please respond to Be –

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