We are telling people that we can’t make decisions for them

HERE AT COUNCIL WHERE LEGISLATION for people’s referendum getting criticized.

i AGREEe with Delegate Curley
It should be simple question. That is what I understood from this morning’s discussion. the empowerment established with chapters and they have been working with that movement. And the movement allowed chapters to reduce council. now with this, i am curious why they ned additional legislation. and regarding coal reserves, it wud allow all voices of pple in those regions. i think that people will decide how revenues used, leases decided. If keep simple, we shud have no amendments.

This about holding handful of hot potatoes and so you throw to pple. It’s also like Regionalization. We are throwing trouble to chapters. Where is self determination and self sufficiency in this? I am concerned that we are telling Navajo pple that we are not capable of making these decisions. That we are failing to make major decisions for our pple. There are decisons happening at local level.

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