We are not removing Naize from Council

In thinking about legislation there is experience in education, you have pple with responsibilities and teachers, principles, superintendent and board members. And having been school bd prez and the pple have expectations. And if there is problems with school employees and nothing is done then parents begin to take children to another school.
The principle of Ke’, kinship, is different regarding standards of conduct. And if have school employee indicted, what does Board do. And what Council doing is not removing from Council but it’s about our leader, Speaker Naize, under indictment.
If I vote No, it would be if I said okay to keep principle when he or she is facing DUI. And communities are concerned. They are meeting.
The issue here is what is in the Best Interest of the Nation!
And for me, voting to change our leadership is in Best Interest of Nation. We are not one community. There are 110 communities that we make decision for. OUr image is critical regarding New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, federal goernment.
We are not removing Naize from Council.

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