Waiting for Navajo Supreme Court to make decision on contempt of court

Here at the Navajo Nation Chinle, Ariz., District Court, where the Navajo Nation Supreme Court has scheduled three hearings – contempt of court against Navajo Election Board and Office for failing to comply with Supreme Court Write of Mandamus, which ordered Board and Office to comply with Navajo Nation Office of Hearings and Appeals Oct. 9 decision that disqualified presidential candidate Chris Deschene and automatically mandated the removal of Deschene from the presidential ballot position and moving third place primary presidential winner up, postponing the elections so new ballots could be printed; ordering Deschene to pay legal costs/fees to former presidential candidates Dale Tsosie and Hank Whitethorne for winning their election complaint against Deschene for lying on his candidacy affidavit, and ordering the Navajo Election Board and Office to pay legal costs/fees to Tsosie and Whitethorne for successfully obtaining a Writ of Mandamus from the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court had its hearing on the ordering of legal costs/fees to be paid by Deschene to Tsosie and Hankthorne and ordered Deschene to pay legal costs/fees.

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