Speaker chair is holy position

i agree with are in predictament and not easy decisoin and why we have excepted leadership role for our communties. and let me say one thing and share Bibloe versie with you, Romans 13:1, let every subject be under God’s rules and that applies to us as elected officials. Antoher verse, I Timothy 5:22. The prayer for Councl from Day 1 was from Timothy and Paul wrote to Timonthy his right hanbd man.
In first Timothy in 5:17 to 22, let those that rule do it with honor. Receive two or three witnesses. Show no partiality. Keep thy self pure. I bring up cuz words of church discipline.
First is to say, say face to face and if individual not take words then you bring someone else in, three or more. And we’ve done that to speak to our leader and ask those questions.
but refusal still there so now bestowed on us as elected leaders to take action on this and that is this legislation.
i see that speaker chair there as holy postion. i fear god for us here in concil and Navajo nation.
it was said we need to be ethical and follow principles and in supporting legislation we can heal and move forward.

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