Respect communities we serve

Here at Navajo Council where debating Legislation 0367-13 regarding BHP coal mine.

We talk about protecting sovereign immunity and we talk almost every session about BHP and I’ll support. But I thot we dealt with issue. We ned to finish job instead of returning. Listen to colleagues talk about fairness in legislation and let everyone know. Thot happen but not happening. The entire Council shud address legislation thruout Navajo Nation. this is important issue here cuz sovereignty of nation lost long time ago and bring word up. This big issue and uranium big issue and one committee made decision regarding uranium. The whole entire council needs input. Seems like more attorneys than council.
From wat experienced here at council there will never be fairness.
I remember saying that trust is not going to be there and showing right now. we hear New Mexico and Arizona regarding bond. Shown on paper that all projects going to Arizona in Bond/Loan. And wat saying about fairness so maybe time to practice. I wasn’t going to say much until heard Bond.
Let’s practice fairness right now. Challenge with New Year and respect communities that we serve.

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