Pick up your mat and sin no more

It’s good we are examing ourselves. Retrogression: words being passed away such as voting my conscience. But my conscience is my pple back home.
It’s been a long time that the pple have been abandoned. I think we have done well. We have examined title 2 and made working document.
We bought BHP coal mine that will benefit nation and pple in future. No nation has done that. Navajo Nation has taken lead. And that needs help and so do tribal enterprises. WE have that opportunity to develop, grow and move forward otherwise continue poverty, health problems, oppression. That is what this decision is about. That is my conscience and my vote. I will not hinder the Navajo Nation.
Retrogression: pple wanted change but however at last council there was need for direction but now we are moving forward. But now we are moving back into that phase.
There is in fighting. I see things that are putting us into retrogression. And so I will not with fellow colleague, who is down, to step on his head.
Scriptures written also pick up your mat and sin no more.

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