Navajo Supreme Court accepts agreement for president shelly remain and reaffirms order for special presidential election by Jan. 31, 2015

navajo supreme court reconvened at 11:30 am
navajo supreme court associate justice eleanor shirley is reading agreement between navajo president shelly, speaker pro tem lorenzo bates, council delegate leonard tsosie, council delegates otto tso and amber korotty.

chief justice robert yazzie calls on judge platero who reads petition to withdraw peition for clarification of supreme court order regarding supreme court’s decision that included an order for a special presidential election 90 days from the supreme court’s decision on october 31, 2014. platero also reads the navajo council’s petition for the disqualification of chief justice herb yazzie to hear the petition by president shelly to remian in office until a new president is inaugurated.

yazzie then announces that the supreme court has decided to vacated the tribal justice department’s petition for a clarification of the supreme court’s order and the council’s petition to disqualify the chief justice from hearing the tribal justice department’s petition for clairication which basically involved president shelly remaining as president until a new president is elected and inaugurated.

yazzie also reaffirmed that the supreme court’s decision regarding its order for a special presidential election before the end of january 2015 still stands.

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