Navajo pple: Self sufficient to most dependent


PAGE 3, LINE 6, LINE 16 NEW PARAGRPH 6, NEW LANG, NNC authoirizes funding up to $3 m from UUFB water line, housing, electrical lines and planning 108002, budgets equally budgeted for design and construction , Cameron, Chilchinbeto, Tonalea, Chichiltah
Before new amendnet/what read, withdraw previous lang just read.

Support Phgelps’ amendment. I met with 2 Interior representatives that met with pple from region over NGS and proposal to transition to renewable. Comments about relocation, Peabody impact on N-Aquifer to region, certainly about NGS but comments I made relate to essentially land status and water.
Watched recently, movie the Butler, which described individuals going thru different administrations and changes during his lifetime.
Motivated me and frustratd me that as Native Ams in general,why do we put up with being treated as 2nd class ctiziens.
One of ways to establ wealth is thru land and opportunity and cant’ becuz on trust lands. We have no water rights to Colorado river and Upper and Lover Colorado River.
We have to form coaltions, become activitists, protest, put this out to world, international community, This is not acceptable.
Navajo changed from one of most self sufficient to most dependent and tied to water and land.
Example is NPL, no ability cuz no grazing permits that cancelled 1974 so can’t apply for USDA grant for agriculture, water development projects. Can’t go to NCR for same reason – no grazing permits.
These are federal polcies and Freeze that diretly relate to why done.
They were done to create access to coal, resources. Relocation between tribes and how many Hopis relocted, 28. Navajos relocated was 12,000.
We need to change federal policies for financing on trust land other than subsidized funding so support Delegate Phelps amendment.

Are those chapters in frmr Freeze?

Chilchitah in NM. Chilchinbeto near Kayenta. But no chapter building.

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