Navajo Nation President Shelly flip-flops on proposed Grand Canyon Escalade Project

1511057_571553359642933_4933388826303595441_nGrand Canyon Development Plan Sparks Dispute Among Navajo – NBC
ABC NEWS – Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly said he plans to green-light the project and the $65 million required from the tribe for road, water and communication facilities.

While overlooking the canyon from its south rim, Shelly explained, “I come here and I look from that view as the President, as the guardian of the Navajo people and our nation … and say, ‘what can I give to my families and my people?'”

Shelly said that the Navajo suffer from unemployment and high suicide rates. “The only conclusion I got from that is that they need jobs, they need homes. They need good homes. They need better education. They need to get involved in a lot and create business,” he said.

SAVE THE CONFLUENCE – On June 4, 2011, President Shelly told a gathering of Navajo people at the Grand Canyon that he opposed the proposed Grand Canyon Escalade Project at the Confluence. Go to this link and listen to a audio tape of statement on June 4, 2011:

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