Navajo Nation Council: Changing qualifications for elected officials

Greetings Relatives/Frens,
The Navajo Council has convened and it’s now 11:17 am. There was opening prayer and recognition of guests. Delegate LoRenzo Bates, who has been very suportive of the tribal purchase of BHP coal mine, introduced BHP workers and officials.

There was also a Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Walk that was lead by ADABI/Ama doo Alchini Bighan, Inc., a domestic violence shelter for women and children in Chinle, Ariz.

Council is now hearing from Delegate Alton Shepherd regarding his legislation, 0462-13: Amending the Navajo Nation Election Code at Title 11, Navajo Nation Code section 8, 21, and 240 for purposes of clarifying qualifications provisions and delegating to the Navajo Election Administration the authority to enforce qualifications provisions.

Prior conviction of candidate – battery, bridery, embezzelment, fraud – is one area I am concerned about. Has that been deleted.

PAGE 4, LINE 2: it references sectifon 240 of election code and if you have Navajo Code on computer, SECTION 8(F) NEW PARAGRAPH, it has all of those overstriken to remove redundancy. it’s not actually not taken out but moving redundancy under new paragraph (F).

subsection 21, areas overstriken: is this also as it wud be, not taken out but actually placed under Title 11, section 240, violations that occured within past five years. My question section 21, 3(B).

that is what it is loking at, and with other legislation presented in Winter Session and didn’t pass. Questions concerning five years cuz have long list at Ethics Office that was presented to Council and unpaid amounts for five years and being qualified for office. Other legislation was to clear it up. With this, legislation is saying, if run for office, that you be in good standing and things happen so PARAGRAPH 4 takes care of that.

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