Navajo Election Board votes to maintain Nov. 4 General Election for all candidates including presidential candidates

the navajo board of election supervisors went into executive session at the request of legislative attorney ron haven, who made the request before the board voted on a substitute motion by election board members lenora fulton and fannie george to have a special election for the presidency and to have the nov. 4 general election be for the council and other positions.

the vote for executive session was 4 in favor, 2 opposed at 10;50 am. the closed door session ended about 11:25 am and the board immediately voted on the substitute motion with a vote of 2 in favor, 4 opposed.

the board then voted on the initial motion by election board member Tom White and Ruth watson to maintain the nov. 4 general election for all positions, including the presidency.
the board’s vote was 4 in favor, 2 opposed.

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