navajo election board meeting on Speaker Naize resignation

here at navajo board of election supervisors special meeting at the apache county office in fort defiance, ariz.

the board listened to election office director edison wauneka read former navajo council speaker johnny naize’s resignation letter into record.

wauneka then explained that the chapters represented by naize would recommend a replacement for naize and the speaker would appoint that person, who would then need to pay $500 filing fee. the payment of $500 has created debate over waiver of $500 or pro rating it.

board member lenora fulton
our laws are on the books and i hear that election board complies with law so perhaps the filing fee for individual that would fill the vacancy created by naize’s resignation could be pro rated.

edison wauneka
we did talk about this. i know the filing fee is part of the process. if waive whole thing then other candidates could bring that up. maybe board could do on its own. anything to do with amending law lies with coucnil.

legislative attorney ron haven
the law does not address appointees and so perhaps the filing fee would not apply to the individual filling vacancy created by naize’s resignation. the communities have the right to be represented in the council.

board directs haven to draft legislation that would set $125 as the filing fee.

board decides to go to next item as haven drafts legislation. the next item is a concern by board member lenora fulton about a 1999 legal case in which she filed against a presidential candidate and she was told that she could not file because she was not a presidential candidate. my concern is the case involving prez candidate chris deschene. and so when primary election voting ended at 7 pm, all the candidates became private citizens so it seems that all the candidates became private citizens and the only candidate that can legally file against deschene is prez candidate joe shirley jr.

and we use to be the hearing body and we should have that responsibility. and when we were hearing body, we made sure that everyone was treated equally. and so we need to work on getting our hearing responsibilities back. we are law abiding citizens and nation.

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