Native Am Voters: Vote for Womens’ right to Choose

And here’s a message from Native American Voters of Albuquerque, N.M.

There will be a Special Election on Tuesday, November 19thin Albuquerque. Polls are open 7am -7pm. Today and tomorrow are the last day to vote early. Here are the early vote locations for your convenience.

NAVA has taken a position AGAINST the proposed Ordinance to ban abortions in the city of Albuquerque. Please read our reasoning and vote against the ban on Tuesday, November 19

Respect Women
Vote AGAINST the Proposed Ordinance on Tuesday, November 19.
As many of you might know, Tuesday is a special Election in Albuquerque that will decide on the women’s right to choose whether or not she can end a pregnancy.

NAVA has taken a position that a woman should have the first and last decision over whether or not to continue her pregnancy. Each pregnancy is different as it should be.

Native Women are strong.
Native women hold many of the families’ responsibilities in her heart, mind and daily action. If we truly recognize that Native women are so critically important and integral to the health and future of our people; we must also support her decision to continue a pregnancy or not. As Native people, we know that our lives are deeply complex and that no one truly has the right to judge one another’s personal decisions. We should respect our mother’s, sister’s or daughter’s or niece’s personal decision about pregnancy.

It is true that Native people rejoice for new life. Native people see that the end of life is natural as well. Different tribes have different beliefs. NAVA believes that it is up to each woman how she will stand before her Holy Creator and her people and we must respect her process. Additionally, we believe that government should not have a role in that difficult decision.

That is why we are asking all Albuquerque Native American voters to Vote AGAINST the proposed Ordinance to ban a woman’s personal decision about abortion.

Register to Vote!
Give us a call and we’ll send someone out to a convenient location to register new applicants or update your current voter registration. We got some friendly folks ready to assist you. Call us! 505-246-1819

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