Naabik’iyati Committee recommends $60 m. Bond to Council; No quorum for Pardon for Election Board

Navajo Council’s Naabik’iyati Committee votes 9 in favor, 3 opposed on Legislation 0394-14 An Action Relating to Resources and Development; Budget and Finance; and Naa’bik’iyati’ Committees and Navajo Nation Council; Authorizing the Issuance in One or More Series of Navajo Nation General Obligation Bonds in the Aggregate Principal Amount of Up To Sixty Million Dollars $60,000,000) and in the Form of Tax-Exempt, Long-Term, Fixed-Rate Bonds to be Sold to Institutional Investors, To Refinance Certain Outstanding Bank Loans Previously Secured to Finance Certain Infrastructure and Other Capital Projects and to Pay Fees and Costs Associated With The Issuance of the Bonds and Other Bond-Related Costs.

0394-14 now goes to Council for final approval.

Naabi goes to legislation after 0394-14 is Legislation 60 million0391-14 An Action Relating to Naa’bik’iyati’ and Navajo Nation Council; Pardoning Navajo Board of Election Supervisors From Any Violations of Law in the Performance of Their Work in Presiding Over the 2014 Election Including Indirect Civil Contempt Findings and Reinstating the Named Individuals To Their Offices as Navajo Board of Election Supervisors.

After 0394-14 is read into Record, Naabi Committee Chairperson Pro Tem LoRenzo Bates announces that there is not quorum. Bates calls for Committee members/Delegates to come to chambers.

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