Is the Hopi government & federal agents attacking Navajos because all eyes are on the Navajo election chaos?

The Navajo Council’s Navajo , Hopi Land Commission continues to meet with Navajo families from the Hopi Partition Lands, where Navajo families. Navajo Nation government officials, Navajo government staff have reported that a convoy of heavily armed HOPI police and federal rangers, with the assistance of a helicopter, are impounding livestock of Navajo elders before dawn. Navajo young people who have tried to intervene on behalf of the elders have been arrested, handcuffed and placed in police panels without written arrest records. When the convoy of Hopi police and federal rangers arrive, they barricade Navajo families in their homes. They also barricade the road leading to the home to prevent anyone from leaving or coming in.

I think in the Accomodations Agreement that there should be no such thing as A signer, B signer, C signer, relocatees. If we decide to return home and visit, we shouldn’t be labeled as trespassers.

I wonder if this is America.

I understand that when relocation occurred and Accomodations Agreement that the Navajo families who stayed would be allowed 2,000 heads of livestock but each time someone passes on, the livestock count is reduced. The livestock count should remain the same.

We are probably the easiest target right now because of elections. People are downgrading each other over elections. We are at our weakest and maybe that is why the Hopi Tribe and federal rangers descended upon us.

We understand law but if the Hopi Tribe is going to come in like this, we the people are on our own and so we have the right to protect ourselves. And when it gets to that point, you won’t know what’s out there. You probably have never visited families on the Hopi Partition Lands.

And we are going to be heard. And with all this situation with having to be fluent, to me, our parents tell us to go out and we all know we need a good education to get a good job. In our job, in our custom, we are told to also help our relatives.
We sent you a letter from all the HPL that includes Teesto, Jeddito. We are not speaking for ourselves. Like Colleen said they might not have that person there to speak.

Enough is enough. We are tired of this. We are taking leave from jobs to protect our homes, our parents. That is what the Navajo way is about, taking care of what is your’s.

Like what father said, we came here and left friends with sheep. We took this chance cuz that is how important this was to us. and if sheep impounded, you will know we were here. And the Hopi police and federal rangers keep saying they only speak to permit holders.
And helicopters are about $20,000 a flight. We are tax payers and we funding that aircraft to hover over us and our homes.
My directive to council is to pay for impoundment, legal costs/fees,

Can’t you stop the Hopi police and federal rangers from crossing Navajo Nation land to roundup Navajo livestock and Navajo people.
With my Uncle Bahe translating, Hopi police and federal rangers gave her Auntie Etta option of taking her to jail or impounding police. My Uncle Bahe told the Hopi police and federal rangers that they can’t take her because she’s on medication. The Hopi police and federal rangers told Bahe to pack her medication.

We deserve an answer ASAP. I think that is possible in this age of technology. There is no need for us to go home and sit there and wonder what your answer will be.

How can the federal government fund another tribe with militia to attack another tribe? I want to know from Navajo Nation Attorney General Harrison Tsosie if President Shelly has met with the Hopi Tribal Chairperson Honanie.

i and Etta Begay waited to talk with Hopi officials yesterday. we were invited to another building but they only allowed Etta into meeting. they said that an interpreter would be available. they said that they were unable to get their legal counsel. we waited until 3 p.m. outside building and wrote request for Etta for return of animals and no fines. And today Hopi Tribe says $2,640 fee and increase by third day. where is that kind of policy written and i’m sure it’s not applied to hopi people.

Put in handcuffs and put in panels for several hours and not told why they were being arrested. they also baricaded Bahe in his home without written notification. those police tactics have violated civil rights and then to refuse to meet with us and then say that the fines are almost $3,000. We should go to Congress and ask them to re-assert their control of HPL because Hopis are discriminating against Navajos and harrassing Navajos. we shud file in federal court against Hopi for not abiding by Accomodations Agreement.

The Navajo Hopi Land Commission is going into executive session to discuss solutions to the impoundment of livestock belonging to Navajo families living on Hopi Partition Land and the arrest of Navajo people who are questioning the impoundments and, or trying to stop the impoundments. It is now 3:14 p.m.

President Shelly said that he would meet with the Navajo families while the NHLC is in executive session.

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