How does Navajo Nation use 2 year old audit

How do we use this audit, 2011? What do we do with it? The water has gone under the bridge.

How much do investment managers make and how much did they raise? Did they really raise money for us? or is it something Navajo Nation subsidized?
Interesting what did with casinos. Whoever constructed, skipped out before finishing. So forcing Gaming Enterprise to beg for more money. Meantime want true picture of Twin Arrows. Kow Twin Arrows losing money.
All that responsibility thrown to Resources & Development Committee cuz Investment Committee skipped out before Twin Arrows completed.
Should we have Inspector General explain audit numbers to us? We’re getting rosey picture. But look out at real world and see things differently and example is Twin Arrows.
Delegate Pete asked about chapters. When are we going to audit chapters as part of government, including enterprises. Under Title 2, they are part of government but we found convenient way not to audt.
The proposed 2013 budget includes funding for chapters but we don’t audit chapters. I don’t understand that.
$50 m increase from 2010 to 2011 in tribal revenues but see no increase in performance of tribal employees that shows benefit to Navajo people.
All except NTUA, all enterprises falling apart and because not part of audit and hold accountable.
And all CEOs enjoying salaries three or four times higher than president and under their watch, their enterprise is falling apart.
So tells me that we are taking care of Navajo pple’s money.
How can make tribal govt operate better.
Constantly hearing how finance holds up ec development but never look at.
But want to know what tribe is paying investment managers? How much have investment managers generated?

Chapters not audit as part of central govt cuz not part of central govt. Tribal auditor general audits chapter and can get info from auditor general. Auditor general reports to B&F.

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