Here at Navajo Council Naabik’iyati Committee

The Naabik’iyati Committee is trying to get a quorum. Delegate Edmund Yazzie, who appears to be the Speaker Pro Temp, said that if there was no quorum at noon that he would announce that there would not be a Naabi meeting.

They got a quorum at 11:17 am and Yazzie is asking for a roll call. Budget and Finance Committee members who are present are B&F Chairperson LoRenzo Bates and committee members Mel Begay, and Nelson BeGaye. Resources and Development Committee members present are RDC Chairperson Katherine Benally, committee members George Apachito, Leonard Tsosie, and Leonard Pete, Law and Order Committee members who are present are Chairperson Edmund Yazzie, and Vice Chairperson Alton Shepherd. Health, Education, and Human Services Committee members present are Vice Chairperson Charles Damon, and committee member Joshua Butler. Legislative Services Director Tom Platero announces that there are two members from each committee which makes a quorum.

Delegate LoRenzo Bates – issued petition for special Council session on March 21 but there is a conflict with Litigation Team also meeting. And RDC planning meeting on draft Grazing Act. I want to make sure that there is a quorum for special Council session. And another date is March 26, which is a Wednesday. So I look to Speaker Pro Temp Edmund Yazzie’s advice.

Staff, plez make arrangements.

I didn’t sign petition cuz Oil and Gas can wait. It can be done at regular session. Of course, Oil and Gas floating due to all the crazy decisions being made at Oil and Gas. It can wait. But the other ones are very time sensitive that the Council needs to attend to.

The RDC has been working on the draft Grazing Act/Rangeland Act and wants to have a working session.

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