Clean air or vibrant businesses

HERE TODAY to urge EPA enforce Clean Air Act at NGS by 2018. My congressional rep Paul Gosar is one of loudest voices for NGS and no surprise cuz Pinnacle West his biggest campaign investor. He also wants water pumped to southern Az. Employment impt issue for Native Americans and DK unemployment rate I’m ashamed to say but cud be 55 percent. Sure Peabody knows.
I want liveable enviroment.

wnat enforcement of Clean Air Act and no delay to clean up of dirty coal mine. Appalled how some disregard health impacts. End coal legacy! No more delays.

VOLUNTEER with beyound coal coampgian. studyiing sustainability at college. elected official short sighted and apocolyptic. there are studies that show that pollution controls feasible. NGS biggest carbon emissions, biggest pollutor. Clean up the coal plant right now.

Az Business Forward, 44 years, membership diverse.No formal position. If owners opposed EPA and went into court then it wud have been expensive to state. When opposing parties come to table, we all win.

City of peoria, support TWG. population 160,000 and rely on CA{P for drinking water. We hae worked to mitigate water increases. invested water projects and underground water. We are good stewards of water.
$500 m and $1 billion cost of reduce pollution at NGS wud increase water rates to communities coming back from foreclosures.

MICHAEL WALTON, mayor of Young Town
one of speakers talked about achieving balance and culnumdrum of public policy. we want clean air but want vibrant commercial environment. Most stringent wud improve so slight cudn’t see. If NGS closes, spike in costs to electrity and water. Az one of most severely impacted in Great Recession. We are in fraigile recovery. Support TWG which is least damaging.
Understand politics and dont like but understand.

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