Attempt to bypass legislation to rescind URI legislation fails

Navajo Council Naabik’iyati Committee now on:
LEGISLATION 0091-14: Relating to Naabik’iyati’; Rescinding,
Repealing and Rendering Null and Void Resolution RDCD-69-13: Relating to Resources and Development; Acknowledging the Right-of-Way and Surface Use by Uranium Resources, Inc. of its Churchrock Properties Licensed by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission License No. SUA-1580; Authorizing a Subcommittee (NABI)
(Sponsor: Honorable Edmund Yazzie)

We’ve been here dealing with controversial so go to non-Controversial legislation.Second Elmer Begay

Asked to vote down and there are people here for first legislation on agenda and we have gone thru proper process and to have deleted off and know touchy subject but that is why we are here. I ask that we respect each other’s legislation and not weasel out by saying just deal with non-controversial issues. So vote down. If approve this then lose quorum. This morning barely made quorum. It’s Friday.

LEGISLATION Legislation No. 0091-14 is what Delegate Edmund Yazzie is talking about and if talking proper process then this Legislation 0091-14 should have gone to Resources and Development Committee. And if Yazzie is concerned about people then Yazzie should have informed people about the proper process. And there are people here to be confirmed.

And if Naabik’iyati Committee passes, it would have been done without proper authorization. So let us vote on non-controversial items and call it a day.

Tsosie telling Edmund Yazzie that his legislation out of order but we tell him that the RDC legislation should have gone to Naabik’iyati Committee and Council. Yazzie is appealing to Naabi and Council about RDC action. His legislation is right. And it’s true that if we suspend floor rules then we’ll lose a quorum. And if goes to RDC, then they’ll motion and then rescind motion. I know cuz that has happened to me twice. So let’s go with our agenda.

We talk about doing legislation right and the legislation passed by Delegate Leonard Tsosie violates two Navajo laws and it mandates that any law dealing with uranium and dangerous chemical goes to Council, not just Resources and Development Committee. It mandates full Council action. And when that legislation was approved, it was done in Arizona even though it impacted New Mexico communities.

I ask Delegate Nez to withdraw his motion. What is more important, lives or a four year term for confirmations.

I’m not asking to remove Delegate Yazzie’s legislation, just rearrange agenda.

As Delegate Tsosie started debating Delegate Yazzie’s Legislation 0091-14, Delegate Nez withdrew his motion for Committee to go to non-Controversial legislation.

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