Anglos are laughing and “clapping their buns.”

We are expected to the best we can be and Sp face life’s challenges.
We are falling into trap. The prosecutors outside that decided to prosecute more than what we gave them. They don’t kow that these delegates are native ethnics by own relatives, cousins, own blood, own brothers and sisters which is what chapters are.
I reprsent five chapters and all of them are my relatives.
The prosecutors don’t know that. And the ones indicted fell into that trap by helping relatives, veterans survive and get educated.
I don’t like this that Anglos are clapping and “laughing their buns.” I asked some of my constituents and they said Speaker fell into trap.
It may be on paper but that is white man world.
I hope we make right decision. We shud be discussing issues of new chapters, filing more lawsuits against white pple.

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